Kazchrome TNC – NK-Teplokhimmontazh Holding

Kazchrome TNC

1. Joint-stock company “Transnational company “Kazchrome”, Republic of Kazakhstan.
2. Object: mine headgear, “10th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan” mine, branch of Donskoy GOK, Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktyubinsk region, Khromtau.
3. Terms of construction: January-August 2018.
4. Development of a foundation pit, dismantling of the existing mine shaft with a diameter of 8 m from the zero mark of 0 to -14 m, erection of walls and ceilings up to a mark of +56 m.

– The first object of the JSC “Teplokhimontazh” on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the construction of high-rise buildings using the technology of sliding formwork!

* Feature for “THM”: the first construction of a rectangular shape with a large number of partitions inside.