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Mikhailovsky GOK

Construction of the reinforced concrete chimney with the sliding formwork

The construction of a reinforced concrete chimney #1H=100m OM#3 was started on July 10, 2013 at Mikhailovsky Mine. As of July 21, 2013, the level of + 27.000 had been passed.

Thus, at the initial stage of construction, the sliding speed was 2.7 m per day.

The construction of the pipe was carried out using advanced technology with the use of the sliding formwork.

The reinforced concrete trunk and the lining of the pipe were erected simultaneously.

Our company has applied this construction technology for the first time in world practice.

The works were completed on August 15, 2013.

The preparation of concretes took place at a mini-concrete plant FIBO INTERCON with a capacity of 15 m3/h.

Concrete plant is fully automated, has its own laboratory.

Sliding formwork was leased by our regular partner – the Austrian company GLEITBAU.