Refractory material production – NK-Teplokhimmontazh Holding

Refractory material production

Holding “NK-Teplokhimontazh” produces a wide range of refractory products.

  • Lightweight products
  • Unshaped refractories.

In the production of concretes tabular alumina, corundum, bauxite, chamotte and other materials of various fractions are used as aggregates.

  • Plasticized mortars.
  • Air-hardening refractories.
  • Stuffing masses. Line productivity: 720 t/month of dry mixes.
  • Anchoring fastenings. Line productivity: 30 000 pcs/month.
  • Thermal insulation modules. Line productivity: 1300 m³/month.

The entire complex of quality control of parameters of raw materials and finished products is carried out by our own certified laboratory.

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