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Mobile laboratory “PKF NK” JSC

Mobile laboratories of JSC “PKF” NK “ In the laboratory of the company CJSC “PKF” NK “there are 3 mobile laboratories. They are an excellent solution when it will become necessary to carry out an activity in areas that are located far from the main basing site. Mobile construction laboratories can effectively solve the task Read more about Mobile laboratory “PKF NK” JSC[…]

Design and manufacture of heat treatment furnaces

NK-Teplohimmontazh Holding is engaged in design, manufacture and supply of new thermal equipment on turnkey basis, modernization of obsolete operating equipment for thermal, chemical-thermal processing and heating of metals, alloys and machine parts of metallurgical and machine-building plants and enterprises on the territory of the Russian Federation. Our solutions for industries: FURNACES FOR HEATING AND THERMAL Read more about Design and manufacture of heat treatment furnaces[…]

Сonstruction of high-rise structures by the method of slipforming

Sliding formwork is mobile, it is lifted up without a break in concreting and is used when erecting high-altitude reinforced concrete structures with monolithic vertical walls of permanent section and, last time, variable section. It is a three-dimensional formwork form, installed along the perimeter of the walls and raised as they are concreated by hydraulic Read more about Сonstruction of high-rise structures by the method of slipforming[…]

Guarantee and post-guarantee service

The company offers a guarantee for all types of work performed. During guarantee period specialists provide technical supports of all objects. Monitoring is performed using  modern equipment. It allows to get accurate data on the state of the object and quickly take measures restore the operability of the lining.

Drying of refractory lining

Drying and primary lining heating of  thermal generating aggregates after capital construction or repair  is one of the plant’s kind of work. This is a very important phase, so lining stability largely depends on correct and technically competent execution of the work and there are many operators who underestimate it. As is known, lining of  Read more about Drying of refractory lining[…]


Supervisors of our company work with large project organizations and equipment suppliers. We supervise the installation of lining as Together with the representatives of the Customer as in-house. Companies with a worldwide reputation entrust us with supervision over the state of work execution. Customer Object/Location Year Partner CaspiCement LLP (Aktau, the Republic of Kazakhstan) Construction Read more about Supervising[…]

Heat insulation work

The company’s heat insulation division has worked in the central region of Russia for 10 years. Among the main customers there are metallurgical, ceramic factories, boiler houses, municipal heating lines, thermal power station and food production plants.

Refractory work

Our works always means the guaranty of high quality. We propose execution of the work in tight deadlines. In our company there are high qualified refractory specialists who have long experience in this field. We execute different kind of refractory works: Bricklaying of refractory products bricks Gunning Application of refractory concrete Installation of fiber insulation Read more about Refractory work[…]

Preparatory work


Manufacture of refractory materials

We produce refractory materials with a temperature up to 1700 ° C and with a specific gravity of 0.45 ton / m3. At our disposal there are modern technologies for production of lightweight refractory materials, ultra low-cement concrete mixtures, and cement-free ceramic-composite complex-shaped products. The quality management system of production is certified by TUV You Read more about Manufacture of refractory materials[…]

Design of thermal generating aggregates

The project department of the company is engaged in the complex design of thermal  generating units. We develop tunnel and period furnaces for firing ceramics and refractories, as well as elements of lining of various heat aggregates.

Inspection and expert review of objects

Over the long period of the holding’s existence, the NK-Teplokhimontazh Holding has acquired vast experience in the sphere of determining the technical condition of engineering structures, buildings and constructions. Technical equipment and highly qualified professionalism of our employees make it possible to conduct surveys of the technical condition of the facility, develop a set of Read more about Inspection and expert review of objects[…]

Manufacturing and installation of metal structures

  The basic principle – ready-made steel structures must meet all the customer’s requests, be as high-quality, reliable and durable. We offer a comprehensive solution to the design, fabrication of metal structures, supply and installation of construction industrial steel structures for construction sites. We have fully mastered the technology of working with metal products, which Read more about Manufacturing and installation of metal structures[…]

Automated systems for heat treatment process

All control systems of our furnaces are based on Siemens programmable logic controller (further PLC) modern series S7 1200, S7 1500 using a remote input/output systems ET 200. These programmable controllers give to control systems the high logic flexibility. It allows to solve a wide range of tasks. ET 200 remote I / O systems Read more about Automated systems for heat treatment process[…]

Start-up and Comissioning

We offer a package of measures to perform such complex operation as driving up to the rated capacity. Start-up works are usually performed according to technological scheme of our customers. Our company performs the preparation of heating units to refractory installation: Metal structure installation. Anchor welding. Forms fabrication. Cutting and grinding of metal structures.


Our company can advise you the following services related to Logistics: Logistics Load shipping by our own trucks Load handling There are shipping units for goods loading, forklifts, shovel loaders, road scrapers, bulldozer earthmovers, tractors. The area of our warehouse is 3000 ha. It allows us to keep necessary reserve of material and to fulfill Read more about Logistics[…]

Material supply

We exclude delivery delay because of lack of material on our stock thanks to the possibility to order all necessary material from our partners. Thus short delivery time guarantees to short the work time and as a result this helps to decrease the customer’s expanses.