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Сonstruction of high-rise structures by the method of slipforming

Sliding formwork is mobile, it is lifted up without a break in concreting and is used when erecting high-altitude reinforced concrete structures with monolithic vertical walls of permanent section and, last time, variable section. It is a three-dimensional formwork form, installed along the perimeter of the walls and raised as they are concreated by hydraulic jacks.

The main elements of the sliding formwork are shields, jack frames, working table, suspended platforms, jack rods, mounted on the axis of walls, jacks.

The use of sliding formwork is especially effective in the construction of high-rise buildings, such as chimneys up to 400 m in height, cooling towers, hardness cores of high-rise buildings. A great advantage of erecting these objects in sliding formwork is a significant increase in the rate of construction, a reduction in labor intensity, cost, and time of work.

From a technological point of view, the method of sliding formwork improves the quality of surfaces, excludes defects in concreting associated with interruptions in the supply of concrete mix. Technological breaks contribute to better organization of the performance of all related work.