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We manufacture refractory materials with a working temperature up to 1700 °С and specific density from 0.45 t/m³. At our disposal we have the state-of-the-art technologies of the production of

  • lightweight refractories,
  • ultra-low-cement concrete mixes,
  • non-cement complex shaped ceramic products.

Aluminum-silicate air-hardening mortars

Aluminum-silicate air-hardening mortars According to features of hardening process, refractory materials are divided into three groups: hardening at high temperature, air-hardening at high temperature and hydraulically hardening. As a rule, the chemical composition of the mortars should be close to the chemical composition of the products to be bonded. CJSC “PKF” NK “produces aluminosilicate air-hardening Read more about Aluminum-silicate air-hardening mortars[…]

Refractories for ceramic tile firing

We offer the packaged supply and installation of products for the lining of tunnel kiln for ceramic tile. The products are manufactured from quality raw materials with additives considerably reducing heat losses and increasing the strength of products made. Lining design for a ceramic tile kiln. 1 – Lining of light-weight brick NK-27 has low thermal conductivity Read more about Refractories for ceramic tile firing[…]

Refractories for kiln cars

As it is known, the lining of kiln cars is under the most tough conditions which determine extremely high requirements to the structure of a lining itself as well as to the lining materials. Also, other quite important indexes are the technological effectiveness of installation and reconstruction of lining and its cost. Fired cordierite refractory Read more about Refractories for kiln cars[…]

Burner Blocks

A burner block is a component of a refractory lining for kilns and other thermal generating units in which a burning devise is to be installed. Burner blocks are designed to provide stable heat insulation against the high-temperature of a burner flame and to ensure the required opening angle of a flame. With the use Read more about Burner Blocks[…]

Ramming mixes

  Ramming mixes are used for heavy conditions of lining exploitation: for stuffing the outlet chute of the blast furnace, for the hearth of steel furnace, for the melting furnace of non-ferrous metallurgy, for lining high- and low-frequency induction furnaces, for filling the loading holes of rotary kilns and holes in arched furnaces, for stuffing Read more about Ramming mixes[…]

Gunning Castables

Gunning castables are designed to be applied by gunning. The structure of the material name is: NK-Gun Mzzz NK – COMPANY NAME GUN – APPLICATION method – gunning. M – castable with reduced cement content. ZZZ – Operating temperature, degrees Celsius, divided by 10 (150 = temperature up to 1500° C).

Light-weight refractories | Insulating firebricks

NK light-weight refractories are produced without combustible additives and the use of the foam method, as opposed to the traditional way, thus having geometry fidelity and high mechanical strength. Such refractories are used in heat-treating and firing furnaces and other thermal generating units as effective heat insulation for intermediate and outer layers of a refractory Read more about Light-weight refractories | Insulating firebricks[…]


Mortars are finely ground refractory mixtures designed to bond refractory products in lining and to fill joints. Mortars are used for the brick lining of industry furnaces. Mortar and water mix of proper consistency is, as a rule, prepared on site. Some specific types of mortar (for example, MMKf-85) are sometimes delivered in a liquid Read more about Mortars[…]

Light-weight refractory castables (LWC)

Light-weight castables are used in lining for thermal generating units with exclusive temperature resistance and thermal loading standards.

Low Cement Castables (LCC)

Low-cement castables are used in lining for thermal generating units with exclusive temperature resistance and thermal loading standards. Unlike Regular Castable – RC, castables with a low content of CaO <4% have a higher heat resistance (number of heating-cooling cycles) and no loss of strength at high temperatures. Low cement castables (series NK-Cast M) are Read more about Low Cement Castables (LCC)[…]

Regular Castables (RC)

Installation of lining for heat generating units as a working or reinforcing course Lids of steel-teeming ladles Manufacture of burner blocks Manufacture of complex-shaped products