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Refractories for kiln cars

As it is known, the lining of kiln cars is under the most tough conditions which determine extremely high requirements to the structure of a lining itself as well as to the lining materials. Also, other quite important indexes are the technological effectiveness of installation and reconstruction of lining and its cost.

Fired cordierite refractory products are known to be used as effective lining material; however, due to relatively high value, they are not widely spread among ceramic plants in Russia.

Ceramic-concrete technology is a promising and already proven technology of manufacturing non-cement heat-resistant and refractory castables. High-concentrated ceramic bonding suspension (VKVS) is used as a bond of ceramic-concrete. Currently, NK-Teplokhimmontazh Company has a huge field experience of manufacturing ceramic-concrete materials and successfully using them as lining parts for different thermal-generating units of ceramic and refractory industries and as lining for kiln cars.

Manufacture of refractory products