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Refractories for ceramic tile firing

We offer the packaged supply and installation of products for the lining of tunnel kiln for ceramic tile. The products are manufactured from quality raw materials with additives considerably reducing heat losses and increasing the strength of products made.

Lining design for a ceramic tile kiln.

1 – Lining of light-weight brick NK-27 has low thermal conductivity and prevents high temperature from penetrating through the kiln wall;

2 – Rollers Protection Block made from high-strength material NK-29 protects rollers on which tiles move inside the kiln;

3 – Protective lining from NK-24 material for side walls in the roof section. It considerably reduces heat influence on the steel kiln casing through the roof. We also supply BV Roof Blocks manufactured byThermal Ceramics

4 – (3)-section Roof Block made from NK-29. The thickness of a block is fitted to ensure minimum heat losses through the roof.

Steel Structure Protection Block protects extending steel parts of a kiln from high inside temperature.

Lining before reconstruction Lining after reconstruction