Video – NK-Teplokhimmontazh Holding



Starooskolskoe SMU No.2


Accreditation for work in the fluidized bed catalytic cracking unit of Lukoil Corporation


Construction of an isothermal LNG storage tank with a volume of 42 000 m3 in the port of Vysotsk


The construction of a silo for bulk storage of sugar with a capacity of 60,000 tons


The construction of the mine headgear in Khromtau


Monolithic construction. Building a chimney with the use of sliding formwork


Construction of a storage tank for liquefied natural gas in the port of Vysotsk


Pneumatic lifting of the roof of the LNG storage tank


Drying of lining of thermal units


Production of thermal equipment


Quenching and tempering line


Manufacture of refractory products


3D model technological process of canching and tempering line for heat treatment of middle car casting


Insulation works in Podgorenskiy plant


Refractory lining erection of rotating furnace


Heat treatment of the furnace