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Low Cement Castables (LCC)

Low-cement castables are used in lining for thermal generating units with exclusive temperature resistance and thermal loading standards.

Unlike Regular Castable – RC, castables with a low content of CaO <4% have a higher heat resistance (number of heating-cooling cycles) and no loss of strength at high temperatures.

Low cement castables (series NK-Cast M) are designed for use with temperatures up to 1500 degrees (heating furnace, aluminum melting furnace, etc.). As regular castable (RC), low cement castables are not demanding to the process of drying and dosing of water and can be used on standard equipment without special requirements.

Low-cement castables (series NK-Cast L) are characterized by the almost complete absence of loss of strength at high temperatures and heating temperatures (up to 1200° C). For drying, using low-cement lining concrete is required to observe strict drying schedule and the dosage of water to obtain the desired parameters of the material.

The structure of the material here:

NK-XXX- Yzzz

  • XXX – can take the following data: CAST – cast with vubration, GUN – gunning; FLOW – Self-flowing, castable
  • Y – can take the following data: L – low-cement castavble; M – castable with reduced cement content.
  • ZZZ – Operating temperature, degrees Celsius, divided by 10 (150 = temperature up to 1500° C).