DORSTROYSISTEM LLC, 2021 – NK-Teplokhimmontazh Holding


Waste incineration plant with a capacity of 700 t of solid waste per year.
Construction of the reinforced concrete chimney stack H-98 m, Noginsk district, Moscow region.

Volume of the poured concrete:
– foundation base – 338 м3;
– chimney stack – 715 м3.

Weight of the laid reinforcement:
– foundation base – 23.3 t;
– chimney stack – 83.1 t.

The total number of personnel involved in the project is 65 people (round-the-clock work).

The actual time from the start of work on the foundation until the end of the concreting work (pouring the chimney stack) is no more than 80 days:
– installation of the foundation of the chimney – 30 days;
– concreting of the chimney stack – 50 days.